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Our Services

Your Trustworthy Translator

We are based out of Nicosia, Cyprus, ideally placed as a services hub for the wider Middle East region and an EU member state which provides a daily professional bridge to the European continent.

  • We aim to serve both local businesses, institutions and individuals as well as foreign nationals, living and working in Cyprus, either on a temporary basis or having their corporate permanent base here. We also invite synergies from similar networks in the Arab world.

  • We offer translations of all scripts-in all academic and scientific sectors, including medical, financial, legal, literary, social sciences, Arts and Humanities. We undertake any type of document of any length, including essays, short stories, theses and books. Languages include to and from Greek, English, Italian, French, German, Polish, Spanish, Russian, Arabic and Jewish. The same languages also involve editing and proofing services.


  • We provide live translation and interpretation services for conferences, symposiums, political or corporate meetings at any level, seminars, workshops, press conferences and official functions at political, corporate and academic level. These include to and from Greek and English.

  • We can deliver assistance in the wider communication sector, offering our expertise to companies, associations, political groups or individuals who require tools such as editing and proofing documents, providing promotion ideas, writing declarations, goals and targets, press releases and speeches, in both Greek and English.


  • The network has the expertise to organize academic and corporate conferences on their communication level, preparing documents and outlines, leaflets, writing or editing presentations and programs.

  • The network can take on the presentation or coordination of any event in both Greek and English, particularly in the academic or political sector.

Tel: +357 99201764

Email: hatlingua@yahoo.com

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