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Our Story

When we were setting out, with hope and the strength of knowledge, on this long journey in the arts of Translation, Interpretation and Communication, we browsed closely and saw there was nothing on the existing professional horizon that even remotely resembled this ambitious notion that we had thrown around during a meeting on how to better organize our time, be more efficient, have a base.

We hence created a network, seeing this very much as a structure that would support a fresh look at how businesses and individuals provide fast, efficient and varied services in the best possible language and communication environment. Where a team of experienced professionals cater to most demands in the sector, based on coordination and filling all the stops and gaps that appear along the way, solving problems together and delivering content of the highest quality.

HAT was born out of the need that the market created; a team of people where hard work, speed and performance under difficult deadlines is what separates a good team from a brilliant team. We believe in the notion that an idea, when carried on honest credentials, developed and shared amongst people who have the vision to merge unity, knowledge and skills into a formidable force, then such services can indeed meet the expectations of even the most demanding customers.

Tel: +357 99201764

Email: hatlingua@yahoo.com

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